We have re-opened for five daily prayers starting Wednesday June 3rd, max. 50 people are allowed, wear a face mask, bring your rug, maintain social distancing, no children, stay home if you are sick or vulnerable….

Islamic Sunday School

School Principal: Br. Zia Hassan



Quality and Excellence in Islamic Education for Your Children


The Weekend Islamic School is focused on providing the basic Islamic education and Islamic values to our children.  We have a set program and well-defined curriculum.  Our dedicated and talented staff of volunteer teachers follows the curriculum, as best as possible. The curriculum is focused in three main areas:

  1. Quran – Hifz, Meaning, & Tajweed
  2. Quranic Arabic – Reading, Writing, Vocabulary, Comprehension
  3. Islamic Studies & Projects – based on Quran & Hadith

Goals & Objectives:

Our main goals is to give your children the Islamic knowledge, skills and practice in a fun and meaningful way, while also providing a Muslim environment of friendship and practice. We want the children to be knowledgeable, believing and good practicing Muslims.

  • We want them to believe in Allah in their hearts and recognize that He is their Lord.
  • We want the children to be aware of their duty to Allah and to be motivated to do ‘Ibadah.
  • We want the children to have knowledge of the teaching and practices of Islam.
  • We want the children to have curiosity to know why Islam is the best way of life.
  • We want the children to develop Muslim friends, excellent character, manners and respectful demeanor.
  • We want the children to be able to deal in excellent Muslim manners with non-Muslims and with compassion & kindness for the Needy
  • We want children to be proud of their Islamic beliefs, teachings and heritage, and explain it to non-Muslims in a coherent and compelling way


Student grade Levels are divided based on knowledge and age. Exact knowledge and subject matter will vary according to grade levels.  They should expect to make Muslim friends, and that they will learn new Islamic knowledge and skills as they advance through the grade levels.

  • School will give new students a Quran & Arabic Evaluation for the Level assignment prior to finalizing registration. Evaluation is to determine how much the student knows of Quran & Arabic. Then, they will be placed in the grade Level according to their age and knowledge.
  • Orientation classes will be offered to new students who need improvement in the first year. Following year they will be evaluated again and maybe able to join the regular grade level.

Operations & Registration Information:

Following are key School Operations and Registration information links and documents:

  • School days are on Sundays, from mid-September to mid-May.  Classes start 10:00 AM sharp and students must be at school at least 5 minutes BEFORE start time. School dismissal time is 1:45 PM,
  • Attendance of Dhuhr Prayers is mandatory part of the Sunday School program, at 130pm.
  • Parent(s) are encouraged to meet their children for Dhuhr prayers in the Musallah at 1:30 PM.
  • Students must be dressed Islamically appropriate, and follow School Good Conduct Rules at all times.
  • Minimum registration age is 4 years old (Pre-K), and maximum is 18 years old.
  • Only condition for 4 years is to be potty/toilet trained and one parent to be present at the Masjid during the school hours.
  • Pizza Lunch is available to purchase during lunch time, or students can bring their own lunch from home.
  • Sunday School Registration Day is on Sept 9, 2018, from 10:00 AM to !:00 PM, and will continue every Sunday in Sept and later to accommodate personal situations.
  • School Dates and Events are indicated on the School Calendar posted on ICMC Website or available from the School Admin.
  • School Registration form and Tuition information is available at the School Registration link posted above.

May Allah bless you and your family.  We  look forward to welcoming and serving you and your children inshaAllah at the ICMC Islamic Sunday School.