We have re-opened for five daily prayers starting Wednesday June 3rd, max. 50 people are allowed, wear a face mask, bring your rug, maintain social distancing, no children, stay home if you are sick or vulnerable….

About Us

Welcome To Islamic Center of Morris County

The Islamic Center of Morris County, NJ is registered with the State of NJ as a 501(c) (3), Non-Profit Religious & Educational organization for Muslims.

Our Objectives:

  • To promote goodwill, understanding, fellowship and tolerance among Muslims.
  • To strengthen the fraternal bonds among Muslims in the Morris County and the surrounding areas.
  • To promote friendly relations between Muslims and non-Muslims in the community.
  • To provide Muslims with religious guidance based on the teachings of Islam.
  • To serve as a cultural institution for dissemination of information on Islam; its teachings, history, and culture among Muslims as well as non-Muslims.
  • To organize courses of study in Quran, Sunnah and the Islamic history, designed to meet the needs of Muslims and non-Muslims, both adults and children.
  • To establish and maintain an Islamic Center in this community to serve as a place for Islamic prayers and cultural and religious activities.

Ongoing Activities:

  • Five Daily Prayers
  • Jummah Prayer at 12:30PM and 01:30PM
  • Friday Night Family Night
  • Lecture after Isha prayer
  • Lecture after Fajr prayer
  • Hajj and Ummrah program every Saturday after Fajr prayer
  • Sisters’ Halaqa every Thursday
  • Youth programs
  • Hifdh program
  • Pre-School
  • Sunday School
  • Youth Camp
  • Interfaith events
  • Da’awa
  • Training courses
  • Community betterment projects such as Habitat for Humanity, Walk for Water, Breast Cancer Walk, Back to School Programs
  • Charity
  • Refugee assistance
  • Blood drive
  • Health clinic